Shaw Events Planning & Design

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shaw Events Planning & Design - Flourish Calligraphy

We recently had the pleasure of working with the incredibly talented Danielle of Shaw Events on her recent logo redesign, and we are absolutely thrilled with the end result!

Danielle puts so much thought and effort into everything she does; we wanted to be sure that we put just as much attention into every aspect of her logo to perfectly represent both her aesthetic and her brand.

We feel that the simplicity, strength and subtle touch of femininity in her new logo will serve her business well in the year to come. Thank you so much for trusting our hands with this piece of your work, Danielle!

Photography: Katie Nicolle Photography

Bidding Adieu to 2015

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bidding Adieu to 2015 - Flourish Calligraphy

Saying goodbye to another year past is always a bittersweet experience. We reflect on what went right, wave farewell to what went wrong, and focus our attention on the things we hope to accomplish in the year ahead.

2015 was so good to us. We launched our business in February of 2015, and poured our hearts and souls into every aspect of our new venture. We were delighted with custom stationery requests for real weddings from the moment we opened our doors, and made some beautiful connections with brides all across North America!

We also had the chance to work alongside an incredible team of local vendors, and we feel lucky to have already forged what feels like lifelong connections within such a talented and welcoming community. In a field that often looks to American trends for inspiration, experiencing the homegrown talent and vision that exists locally has been a refreshing (and deeply motivating) change of pace.

Flourish Calligraphy was invited to participate in a number of creative collaborations with incredibly talented industry professionals in 2015, taking our work across Canada and around the world. We were particularly thrilled to see our work featured on a number of our favourite wedding blogs; to be completely honest, we’re torn between feeling blown away and overwhelmingly proud of where this little business has gone in its first year. (Did we mention that Jose Villa once liked one of our Instagram posts?!)

Each of our successes, both big and small, have made an impact on our trajectory this year. We are beyond grateful for all that we’ve done, and all that we have to look forward to in 2016. Sending our love, and wishing all of you happiness and success in the year to come!


Thursday, January 7, 2016

It’s here! Our fancy new website and blog are finally ready, and after months of thoughtful preparation we couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out. We are Lauren and Nina; sisters, business partners, and owners and operators of Flourish Calligraphy Our roots with Flourish Calligraphy began as a result of the two of us creating custom wedding stationery for Lauren’s wedding in early 2014. This project was the first time that Lauren’s inherent sense of design and Nina’s aptitude with a pen and ink came together, and it became the starting point from which our business would eventually blossom. Since then, each project we’ve had the pleasure of working on has drawn us closer toward what has become our signature style, consistently influenced by the delicate and organic subtleties intrinsically found in romance.

Lauren Polidoro of Flourish Calligraphy

About Lauren

Lauren brings the perfect balance of skill and natural talent to her role in Flourish Calligraphy A trained graphic designer by trade, she is a lifelong collector of beautiful things; from vintage stamps to spools of ribbon, her exceptional eye for detail has found its niche within our stationery business. Lauren immerses herself in every aspect of creative direction and design with Flourish Calligraphy, having a hand in each part of the process from initial concepts to the finished product. Her heart resides in paper goods, with a boundless love for typography and letterforms.

Nina Polidoro of Flourish Calligraphy

About Nina

Nina comes from a long line of word lovers. Her grandfather was a calligrapher and her mother an avid reader, so her respect for the meaning of language and beauty of words has always been deeply engrained. Nina’s love affair with pen and ink began a few years after finishing her English degree, and the projects she and Lauren have undertaken since working together have most certainly refined Nina’s skill set in modern calligraphy. The majority of her time is split between being a mom and a photographer; Flourish Calligraphy adds even more beauty to her already full and very happy life!

Our respective personalities, strengths and roles in this business comprise two sides of the same coin. As many differences exist between us as similarities, and throughout this process we’ve developed a beautiful system for using our strengths to complement, and reflect our style. Launching this endeavour has been a delight for us personally and professionally, and we feel extremely lucky to be travelling this journey together.

We are so happy you’ve found us here, and hope you’ll enjoy following along with the delightful things we have in store for 2016; we are already brimming with excitement over some much anticipated upcoming features and real wedding projects, and can’t wait to share glimpses of our work with you!

Photography: Megan Laura Photography